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Version 2.12.7

Released 17 Dec, 2018

  • Bug: Automatically formatting mobile phone numbers VTE-26106
  • Bug: Merging accommodation venues VTE-26099
  • Bug: Error when preparing quotations without a client or client-contact assigned VTE-26087
  • Bug: List detailed availability - fix display of longer text in availability options VTE-26084
  • Bug: Sign in doesn't allow them to sign on before rostered start VTE-26079
  • Improvement: Add ability to recalculate shifts for people when payroll details are changed VTE-26076
  • Improvement: Event Detailed roster - add post VTE-26083
  • Improvement: View Event - export roster to XLS - order by post assigned, then name VTE-26082
  • Improvement: 'Current qualifications' column - add reference number (eg. for medical quals) VTE-26081
  • Improvement: Roster (detailed) - add 'postcode' column VTE-26080

Version 2.12.6

Released 28 Nov, 2018

  • Improvement: Add in easier option to reset and send new password for staff VTE-26060
  • Improvement: Updated quotations email for both individual and multiple event quotations VTE-26073
  • Improvement: Added various minor improvements to quotes area VTE-26072

Version 2.12.5

Released 22 Nov, 2018

  • Improvement: Client portal - quotes - add ability for clients to accept a quote for an event VTE-24402

Version 2.12.4

Released 15 Nov, 2018

  • Story: Additional filtering and update to displaying 'attendance reports' which included cancelled events VTE-26056

Version 2.12.3

Released 14 Nov, 2018

  • Bug: Timesheets (detailed) - editing roster entries takes user back to overview instead of refreshing specific table VTE-26057
  • Improvement: Detailed timesheets - allow # hours on break to be updated VTE-26053
  • Improvement: Xero - add button to disconnect from Xero organisation VTE-26054

Note: In some instances some issues/improvements listed above are made available prior to the 'release date' listed above, such as hot-fixes.

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