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Version 2.13.10

Released 21 Mar, 2019

  • Bug: Email client quotations - show multi-day events with end-date in email VTE-26292
  • Improvement: Messages (email & SMS) - summarise by group & immediate sub-groups VTE-26245

Version 2.13.9

Released 14 Mar, 2019

  • Bug: Show more detailed messages regarding EOI requests which could not be processed VTE-26284

Version 2.13.8

Released 13 Mar, 2019

  • Bug: View client details - show events not assigned a client-contact person VTE-26273
  • Bug: Understaffed icon not shown in client-events report VTE-26285
  • Bug: Fix export to excel for resource serial numbers VTE-26283
  • Bug: Fix exporting availabilities on specific dates VTE-26276

Version 2.13.7

Released 28 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Downloading documents via client-portal not available VTE-26251
  • Bug: Fix issue preparing map data VTE-26257
  • Bug: Fix issue with client import process when importing contacts at the same time VTE-26255
  • Bug: Event travel report - including "event" column not working VTE-26253

Version 2.13.6

Released 18 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Restrict password resets for accounts which need to be impersonated VTE-26175
  • Bug: Fix client portal error page VTE-26236
  • Bug: Expenses not shown when viewing event without client set VTE-26234
  • Bug: Sign in/out reminders shouldn't go out when sign in/out is disabled (with reminders enabled) VTE-26233
  • Improvement: Improve areas where settings are located, add separate 'Sign in/out' settings & roster notifications settings VTE-26235

Version 2.13.5

Released 15 Feb, 2019

  • Improvement: Quotes (email) - make sure the terms & conditions URL is included VTE-26218
  • Improvement: Event teams/position defaults - order the options available A-Z VTE-26232
  • Improvement: Quotes (client portal) - make sure the terms & conditions URL is included when accepting VTE-26219

Version 2.13.4

Released 13 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Member form cant be submitted when only one group option is available VTE-26230
  • Improvement: Recurring reminders for sign-in/out (eg. when event finished 20 mins ago) VTE-26224

Version 2.13.3

Released 12 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Recurring events - initial creation does not take into account date of initial event VTE-26188
  • Bug: Client portal - requirements page not saving when resources-required disabled VTE-26227
  • Bug: Error updating billing contact/min paid hours for client with lots of events VTE-26226
  • Bug: SMS top-up reminder on to-do list when it shouldn't be VTE-26223
  • Bug: Recurring shifts - link to show num of events created shows report including other events VTE-26196

Version 2.13.2

Released 11 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Viewing other todo-list items for events I manage - link to post-event reports doesn't work VTE-26213
  • Bug: Expenses - show error when retrieving codes from accounting package & an issue occurrs VTE-26212
  • Bug: Allowances config - show error when accounting system has an issue VTE-26211
  • Bug: Resource popup shows undefined VTE-26191
  • Bug: Availabilities - shows people as rostered when the event has been cancelled VTE-26185
  • Improvement: Phone number links - include +61 at the start VTE-26166
  • Improvement: Resource allocations - shows resource already allocated (to a cancelled shift) VTE-26192
  • Improvement: Event details - onsite contact - allow phone number to be clicked & show in phone VTE-26182

Version 2.13.1

Released 06 Feb, 2019

  • Bug: Add tooltips to show content in roster gantt chart VTE-26176
  • Improvement: Accounting - MYOB invoicing integration VTE-23465
  • Improvement: Add report for summary of crew-positions and hours worked during period VTE-26177
  • Improvement: MYOB payroll integration VTE-25733

Version 2.12.15

Released 01 Feb, 2019

  • Improvement: Client portal - change address to use full wording - /client-portal instead of /c VTE-25472

Version 2.12.14

Released 30 Jan, 2019

  • Bug: Emails with details/comments spanning multiple lines sometimes not displayed correctly VTE-26171
  • Bug: Update source of public holidays VTE-26169
  • Bug: Weather for Sydney suburb not shown correctly VTE-26167
  • Bug: Booking an event - setting crew requirements not processed correctly on one occasion VTE-26159
  • Improvement: Resources list - separate into current / archived tabs VTE-19358
  • Improvement: New event notification - remove EOI message if EOI is not allowed VTE-26162
  • Improvement: Event created email - change email content when expressions-of-interest are disabled VTE-26161
  • Improvement: Add Current and Archived tabs to Resources page VTE-22200

Note: In some instances some issues/improvements listed above are made available prior to the 'release date' listed above, such as hot-fixes.

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