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Typically people rostered to events can sign themselves in and out of the event when they arrive & depart the event. This records the hours worked for each person attending the event accurately, including noting a persons physical location if a GPS-enabled device is used.

If you prefer, you can enable this facility only for smaller events, such as where there are only 1, 2, or 3 people rostered to the event where there won't be a formalised sign-in/out sheet or other team-leader to manage staff.

Signing into an event can be done upto half an hour before an event, and upto the the scheduled completion time.

Self sign in/out

When enabled, your staff will be able to sign themselves in and out of events, as a way to more accurately note when they started and finished their shifts.

Where available, the persons physical location will also be noted when signing in and again when signing out of events.

A reminder can also be setup (eg. 10 mins prior to their scheduled start or completion times) where required, and will include a link to the event to your staff members to follow, which will in-turn allow them to sign in and out of the event.

Team Leaders

Team leaders assigned to events also have access to a more comprehensive sign-in/out facility which can be used to sign in & out many people whom might be rostered. Search facilities are also available to filter by name, ID and reference numbers. These can also be used with barcoded ID tags in staff rooms at major events & venues when staff are signing on for a shift, or about to complete their shift.

Times are automatically entered based on when staff sign on & off, and can be updated via the roster screen.

To use this facility, click 'Sign in/out' within the 'Roster' menu (at the top right of the screen) when viewing the event details. This option is available to team leaders and anyone whom can manage the event.

SMS notifications

You can setup automatic reminders to the people rostered to sign in, and sign out if for instance they haven't yet done-so by the time they're due to start their shift (or just before, or just after, depending on your preferences).

You can also setup alerts to your managers and admins if someone hasn't signed in (or out) on time so your managers are able to follow up and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

If you haven't setup the system to 'require a location' when someone signs in, then you can reply to the messages (both to the people rostered, as well as alerts to your managers & admins) to sign in or out – simply by replying "Sign in" or "Sign out". Once processed by the system, you'll get a response straight away letting you know it's been done, and what time was recorded as when you signed on or off.

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