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In the same way you can pass setup clients to use the client portal, the system also allows you to add a link to your own website which facilitates event bookings from new clients (and of course other existing clients also).

Website event bookings

To use this facility, it needs to first be enabled in the 'Configuration' page, by clicking 'Website Bookings' in the 'Events' tab (down the bottom of the tab).

From there, change the settings as needed, and click 'Save' to save you changes.

Once events are entered, you will be notified of them in the same way the client portal notifies you when new events have been entered by your existing clients.


Bookings taken though this area include client details & client-contact information, which are linked together so you're able to find more information and vice-versa. Clients are also able to submit files, such as maps, documents and so-on to the system which are attached to their event booking.

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