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For step by step instruction on how to complete the post-event report, go here.

Once the event is finished, a post-event report needs to be completed to confirm the hours worked, and also submit any other statistics - such as number of people at the event, any feedback or comments, etc.

Alternatively, your staff can individually submit the times they worked at the event so your team-leader only needs to report on the overall statistics for the event. Hours can be confirmed individually within the 'To-do' list on the home page.

Once submitted, this information is stored in the system and emailed to the people managing the event (set within the 'Configuration' area). At this stage the event is archived and hours are credited to the various people who attended the event.

typically hours your staff worked are confirmed (either by the event person-in-charge), and feedback is received from the person in charge of the event. At this stage the event is also automatically archived.


Steps to complete a post event report

Depending on system configuration, the team leader for the event will need to complete the post-event report. To complete a post-event report:

  1. From the To-Do list on the, find the reminder for the post-event report that needs to be completed and click on the link

  2. Complete the post-event report by filling in the required information which may include:
    1. Confirming your and/or other staff attendance
    2. Confirming resources allocated
    1. Filling in the event details form including uploading any post-event records

  3. When finished, click the “Submit post-event report” button

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