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Expressions of interest can be submitted by your staff when there is space available on the roster to attend. By clicking 'Submit expression of interest', and confirming your intentions, and email notification will be sent to the people specified within the 'Site configuration' page.

Your staff/volunteers can indicate which team/position they would like to be assigned to, based on a list of positions they are qualified to hold.

If you find later on you can't attend the event any more, you can revoke your expression of interest (provided it hasn't already been accepted) by clicking 'withdraw your expression of interest'.

If you have a reason for withdrawing your expression of interest, please enter it, then click 'Withdraw request'. This will notify those people specified within the 'Site configuration' page that you are no longer able to attend, and remove you from the waiting list.

Expressions of interest are private and won't be seen by other people (unless they manage the event) until you are added to the roster.

EOI - Submitting Requests

Managing Expressions of Interest

Enabling expressions of interest - These are enabled by default for all events, but can be disabled if you have certain events which you prefer to not allow everyone to submit a request for. Disabling it is done within the event details (in the 'Options' tab), and you can enter in a short reason if you like (eg. Expressions of interest will be taken closer to the date).

Expression of interest open & cut-off dates can also be added to assist in any event planning and staffing requirements you need to adhere to (eg. allowing expression of interests requests to be submitted upto a week before the event, or only open them up 2 months prior to the event).

Responding to requests is done by clicking the 'respond to requests' link just below the roster, and is shown when expressions of interest have been submitted. Once the dialog box appears, the process is as simple as following the prompts (selecting if you would like to accept / decline requests, together with making any changes to the roster times or position as required). An automatic email will be sent (depending on the users preferences) advising them of your selection.


Expression of interest opening & cut-off dates can be set to limit when your staff can submit expressions of interest for the event. This can be particularly useful if you need all staff to submit any expressions of interest prior to a certain date, such as when security tags need to be printed, etc.

Automatic Acceptance

Expressions of interest can automatically be accepted if you have events which you prefer to have the system fill the roster up to a certain limit. To do this, simply set 'Automatically Accept Requests' to 'Yes', and set a maximum number of people you would like to have on the roster. Any future expressions of interest which submitted will then be automatically accepted up to the maximum number of people you have set.