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Client contacts each have their own username and password to the system.

Their email address will be their username, and their password needs to be set by editing each of the contacts details.

Eg. A client 'ACME Group' might have 3 contacts/staff which have been added (Mary, Jane, Steven). To setup a password for Mary, Jane & Steven, you will need to edit each of their details, and set an individual password.


Setup is done in two stages;

  1. Make sure the client has been setup with client portal access – this is done by editing the client details and clicking the 'Client Portal' button at the top right of the screen. Make sure you select 'Enabled' in 'account status', and select the default group & event types you'd like their events set to. There are a few other options you might also want to enable.
  2. Edit the contact info for the person you're wanting to give access to the client portal – make sure their status is set to "Active", and then either set a password for them, or click the "Generate and send a random password" tickbox.
  3. That's it!

They should get an email with their password and some brief instructions on how to login to the client portal. You might want to give your client a call as well to make sure they've received the email and were able to login.

The client portal is located at the following address:

https://<your site url>/c
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